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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

31 Ways to Spend Your 31st Birthday

1. Wake up as early as 5:30 in the morning;
2. Thank God for waking you up that early;
3. Complete your spiritual exercise by attending the 6am-ish mass in the church near you;
4. Have a good breakfast at Filling Station with yummy eggs benedict;
5. Buy a souvenir shirt from Filling Station;
6. Take a cab going to Net Square;
7. Ready your birthday look upon entering your office;
8. Thank every greeter with a warm smile;
9. Work hard;
10. Surprise yourself by surprising your lunch buddies with a lunch treat;
11. Mingle;
12. Outwit those asking for a pizza or pansit;
13. Be ready for a cake surprise from friends at the office;
14. Act as if you’re surprised for the cake thing;
15. Slice the cake with grace;
16. Thank everybody who contributed for the cake with presumably P50 each (hehehe);
17. Stamp the event with Kodak moment;
18. Work hard, afternoon edition;
19. Exhaust your birthday luck by getting a cab driven by an honest, God-fearing and no-nonsense taxi driver;
20. Be at Greenbelt 3 15 minutes before the film showing;
21. Beg for a ticket that is selling like hotcakes;
22. Get in the cinema five minutes before the screening and relax;
23. Annoy the one seated beside you who keeps on distracting you with her celfone;
24. Enjoy the 1925 Japanese silent film;
25. Rush to Krocodile Grill to meet old friends and housemates;
26. Apologize for being 13-minute late;
27. Enjoy the late dinner with Filipino dishes;
28. Laugh hard;
29. Bottom’s up a bottle of SMB Light;
30. Ask everybody in the table if they’re OK and having a good time; and
31. Kiss the day goodnight with hope that tomorrow will just be another day.


Topeng said...

huli man daw at magaling, huli't magaling pa rin!

pagaling ka! maligayang pagbati pati na rin sa monkey mo!!!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it even more suprizing if there we're such as thing as #13-15 in you list! hahaha kidding!

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