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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ang Buhay ay Isang Washing Machine

Charo Santos said it perfectly. “What makes you happy will make you a better person”. I just had a serving of an old MMK episode with DUP artist named Eugene Domingo as the lead. The episode is entitled “Pansit” and it’s about the struggles of an old maid. Oh boy, it’s one sad, sad episode….

OK, I just turned 30 last September 13. Not yet a DOM material but doomsday is indeed knocking on my door. Pressure, pressure. When I first saw Jonathan Larson’s “Tick, Tick Boom”, I knew then that someday I will be facing the same agony. The central character is having a face-off with midlife crisis: you should have this and that by this age.

I think the world is saying that by being 30, it means having a car (not necessarily brand new) that brings you to and from the office and Pier One. It could also mean that you already have a steady (that was soooooo 80’s) with you, enjoying a movie date or two at least three times a week. Being 30 is having that young dad look. The “kakasalin” type. A loud reminder that somebody is going to say something like “uy, may ipapakilala ako sa ‘yo”.

I am in the middle of all these and what do I get? A malfunctioning washing machine! Look, my new apartment is almost perfect: a DSL, a carpeted living area, a loft style bedroom, a roof window (life is fucking good everytime I wake up and before calling it a night on a starry evening) and an owner that changes the bedsheet every Monday. I think it has something to do with the spinner (I just invented the term). I always end up with a soapy wet garbs. Machine wash is now epilogued with a hand wash.

But I can’t complain. Life has been good to me. I have been to this place and I have done this and that. I still adore movies. No need for a film addiction viagra yet. I still have it. And will have it until I reach doomsday.

Life is indeed about complaining and living to the fullest.
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