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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday 911

Lunchtime. When my lunchmates were about to food hunt, I chose to get my ass out of the office and grab a cab to Glorietta. Maybe I wanted some air. Is this another pre-birthday anxiety attack? I wasn't sure. It's a good thing though that I was welcomed by Glorietta's activity center with an early Christmas décor. Yuletide is indeed coming (and always comes early on this side of the planet). But for now, I don't have business with that yet (along with Santa and the underrated Christmas morning). It was lunchtime and it should be spent with, well, eating lunch. I passed by an old favorite, the Food Choices (one of the first food courts in any Ayala mall), particularly the World Chicken stall where queue is always kilometric. I got a plate of standard boneless grilled chicken plus tuna carbonara and fried bananas as side dishes. It was filling.

Thoughts while having lunch:

1) I'm going to watch Avenue Q for the second time;
2) Where to get a cab back to the office;
3) Things that I need to accomplish before leaving at 6:30pm;
4) The possibility of playing badminton tomorrow; and
5) What cake to request on my birthday.

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