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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Gathering Wind

Photo courtesy of the Malabanan couple

Two years or so ago, I stopped reading the horoscope page. I wasn’t really religious about astrology and it’s more of just a guilty pleasure to me. Until yesterday, while reading the Philippine Star on a late afternoon, I gave in. I thought that the day would be over in a few hours and I was confident that what I will be reading would not affect the rest of my Wednesday.

Here it goes:

VIRGO: A gathering wind is sending new things your way, especially people and opportunities. Surrender to it. Put up your sail, and let it carry you to your next adventure.
For the same date at a later time, I was invited to a send-off party for Junel (who is US-bound next week). The venue happens to be somewhere in Pasig, near C5, and from a perspective from someone from Makati, it’s a bit far. Though I was on CTO yesterday, I was considering if I should stay (and watch TV) or go (and get drunk on a weekday). Not to mention that I don’t have any directions with me on how to reach the place. The only clue I have is Pasig.

At 8pm, I rang Pipe and decided to attend. I was surprised that the cab driver is familiar with the place. My trip became a client-and-shrink-like experience as the driver shared his views on life and on striving to have a good family amidst a high school drop-out son and an overspending wife. He said, “Huwag ka nang mag-asawa.”

But that’s just an appetizer. What’s more surprising is that the send-off party became more of a reunion to me. Most of the people from SPL (my employer before we got purchased) were there. There were three long tables set up in front of Borbs’ place and it’s good to see a sea of smiles the moment I joined them. Not really a big number but all the “sectors” were properly represented. V was there as well as, not in chronological order, Erik, Beth, Kaloy, Peng, Josh, Alou, Jacq, Redy, Orly, Teds, Dodgie, Junel and Borbs (of course), Maine, Jon, Jojo, Obet, Jenny (!), Pads, Jing, William, Love plus the “kids” Marian, Jonard and Chabby. Housewives and kids were there, too.

The experience was surreal. It suddenly brought me back to good old days when words, among other things, matter and fun really means fun. We reminisced, we laughed, we discussed, we heard pieces of advice, we took pictures and we drank, all in the glory of end-of-era camaraderie. After having a ball with the food (including that yummy chicken pwet from William and Love's Chicken Ati-Atihan, I was informed) and two bottles of Red Horse beer, we wished Junel and V good luck. We didn’t just say goodbye, we made sure that everybody has a ride and that the road out is clear.

Hubes is right with what he mentioned about the new career adventure he is taking. He noted, “On the brighter side, this new adventure I will take will give me things to look forward to... and one of these is meeting you again. That's the good in goodbye.”


Jacq the ripper said...

"all in the glory of end-of-era camaraderie"

Tipong "those were the days" ba?

Manuel Pangaruy, Jr. said...

Ganun na nga po. :D Wala na akong ibang maisip na way para sabihin 'yun. Hahaha.

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