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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life is an iPhone # 036

Clockwise from top row:

1. Hai There. Interior of Hai Bar, taken on a Friday evening. What’s unusual is that it doesn’t look crowded. Taken last March during Kat’s birthday treat. It's located near S&R in The Fort;

2. Promdi Inuman. Taboo it may sound but this was taken at one of the restaurants in Lopez during the holy week. I forgot the name. Something like Gekko’s or Jecko’s and it’s located near the town plaza. What mattered most there was the catching up part with high school buddies;

3. Churchyard Film Screening. I know that the iPhone picture will suffer the consequence of a poorly lit subject like this but I just want to document the event. On our way home from a drinking bout (check out the previous picture), we passed through the church and we were amazed at this film screening under the stars (and the trees and the rustic evening breeze). The church facade was used as a screen while the crowd was seated everywhere (park bench, Monobloc, etc.). It wasn’t that well attended but it got me. The film is probably one of those Tagalized Bible stories;

4. Slamat Lorrrd. I admire two things: the ingenuity on the material itself for coming up with a stress free and eye-friendly ad and the wit on the acronym is unmistakably Pinoy;

5. Egg Tart. From Lord Stow’s Bakery. Period;

6. Korean Goodies. From Korean-looking Keith after his vacation there. I hope to visit that place someday;

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