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Monday, May 03, 2010

Binondo Food Trip Redux

As promised from the first attempt, I had to be back in Binondo to take the Chinese food trail again. That happened yesterday, during the early noon with a new set of foody friends. Since I’m too lazy to map the route, let me just enumerate the stops we had (some of it is a rehash from the first try):

1. Chicken Deli – Pork Barbecue – P20 each per share
2. New Po-Heng Lumpia House – Fresh Lumpia and Misua – P25 each per share
3. Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant – Fried Chicken – P30 each per share
4. Suzhou Dimsum – Xiao Long Pao and Kuchay – P52.50 each per share
5. Salazar Bakery – Tikoy (take-out) – P60
6. Wan Chai Tea House – Kua Pao, Siomai, Hakaw and Radish Cake – P50 each per share
7. Wai Ying Fastfood – Cold Milk Tea (take-out) – P50 each per share
8. Estero Fastfood – Calamares, Chopsuey and Fried Frog Legs (skipped) – roughly P100 each per share

As for the food that I tried for the first time, the fresh lumpia is simply unforgettable. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the sauce. We even had a pep talk with a customer who was probably amused at us visiting the lumpia house. It was a good second stop. Both the fried chicken from Sincerity and xiao long pao from Suzhou proved that these food staples are confirmed to be one of Binondo’s finest. While at Salazar, we finished a serving of their custard cake and got introduced to a yogurt drink called Nutri-Express (thanks to Keith). It tastes like Yakult so somebody named it “Jakult”. I skipped the last stop, which is a hearty complete meal at Estero Fastfood. My tummy was already rallying against the idea of housing an extra load.

Understatement but food is always great when shared with friends. More pictures here and a video here of Jantzen's virginal xiao long pao experience.


Anonymous said...

Customer pala yung old couple sa New Po-Heng? Kala ko sila yung owners kasi sabi bumalik daw tayo, haha. Pero dapat lang din talaga bumalik kasi ang sarap talaga ng food. At cute pa ng mga pusa nila, ang lulusog! <3

Tungkol naman sa Wan Chai... may hakaw?! Bakit di kami nabiyayaan? Hahaha! Anyhoo, dagdag ko lang rin na meron tayong Steamed Lumpia Rolls/Bean Curd Rolls nun. :D

Jantzen said...

haha! virginal talaga ang term!

A Treasure Box's Story said...

Nice blog. Me an my friends followed the places you visited and ate the same food you recommended this morning. They were all great. Btw, would you believe barbeque had a price increase from P20 to P22? Oh well but all of the food were yummy.

Manuel Pangaruy, Jr. said...

Wow, just like the taxi fare hike! Feel free to revisit Binondo. :)

Moonlit Ysay said...

hi! such a nice thing to have this blog-post! give us an idea where to go to binondo. i want to taste already the foods you mentioned seems yummy hehe Godbless!

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