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Monday, October 26, 2009

Ode to Joy and Other Ampfs and Lols from a Videoke Session

Last Friday, we held our Shout for Joy Videoke Night at Platinum KTV. There’s really nothing fancy about it. It’s as simple as a colleague leaving and it’s a noble way of saying “Thank you for everything and see you around.”

Below are some sorts of outtakes:

- Dinner at Mang Inasal was the most logical thing to do since the restaurant is just a stone’s throw away from the KTV. Josh, Alou, Ana and I were the first to hit the sack, had a yummy dinner of grilled chicken, waited for the second batch and became the advance party at the bar;

- Since our reservation started at 8pm, the four of us waited at Platinum KTV’s room # 5. We had a couple of nice songs including Josh singing (not joking) Rivermaya’s “214”. I remember Alou and Ana singing Donna Cruz’ “Kapag Tumibok ang Puso”. Josh and I shared with Spongecola’s “Tuliro”. That’s the time when the second batch including Jes, Iam, Kat and Joy arrived. Minutes later, Eric, Leo, Wigs, Macon and Anton followed suit;

- In a jiffy, the list of reserved songs reached 48. I wasn’t surprised at all. This was a relief when Marc arrived at past 10pm because he had to wait for his turn on the 49th song. Fortunately, he grabbed (and fought for) the mic when a familiar song suddenly popped up;

- The rest of the kids joined the gang later: Nikko, Keith, Mat, Joaqs and Pearl. Iam, Josh, Alou and Ana had to leave early. By then, buckets of beer were already being consumed;

- I think I did share Jericho Rosales’ version of “Di Bale na Lang” with Mat, LA Lopez’ “Yakap” with Marc and the iconic “My Way” with Anton. We are still alive and kicking, as far as I know;

- Killer songs that night probably went to Joy singing Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to me Now”, Eric’s “Careless Whisper” less the red bandana, Leo’s “Ligaya” (no further comment), Joy and Joaqs’ duet from “High School Musical” and Jes’ take of an Imago song. Surprises included a share-the-mic version of Disney tunes like “A Whole New World”, “Beauty and the Beast” and “Part of Your World”;

- If I’m not mistaken, Mat was happy that night. The rest were plain devil’s advocate;

- Marc and Eric collaborated on a trend of hand choreography. That was probably inspired by Kaye Brosas’ take on “Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka” but a bit GP over R18. For instance, if the word “true” was present in the lyrics, they will point to Kat. Go figure why;

- Laugh trip of the evening probably went to Kat, Jes, Joy and Pearl laughing their hearts out over a picture. Girls, sorry, I think I know what you were laughing about (wink, wink);

- We spent six hours of singing and drinking and laughing and wisecracking. Who says saying goodbye is as fun as this? Our bill reached P6,000+ and we left the place at 3am past. Survivors were Kat, Joy, Macon, Leo, Anton, Joaqs, Eric, Mat and Wigs. Minutes before checking out, I saw Joy and Eric stayed in the room for another song, optimizing our money’s worth (hahaha);

- I took a cab thinking about the place in Cubao that Eric had mentioned right before the group parted ways. “P395 lang, one hour.” Hmmm, kids nowadays;

More pictures here and two videos here and here.


Unknown said...

hi po ask ko lng sna if my contact no. kau ng ktv bar na ito? Thanks in advance... :)

Manuel Pangaruy, Jr. said...

Feel free to check this other blog entry:



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