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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life is an iPhone # 014

Clockwise from top row:

1. Hospital Food Court. I had lunch here twice when I was required to visit my neurologist at Makati Med. First visit was a waste of time as the doctor was sick and the clinic didn’t have means to contact me. Second had me cleared, saying that my brain is in perfect condition (thank God);

2. Cold Defender. This is my favorite drink from Fruit Magic. It has orange, apple and carrot juices. I believe that it’s the most ideal way to force me to eat/drink veggies;

3. Toy of the Season. In the dawn of typhoon scare, every home must at least have this very useful rubber boat. It costs roughly P1,800 and can accommodate two persons. The toy in the picture was lent to my landlady’s son’s high school teacher who is residing in a flooded Laguna town;

4. Service is Not so High. Finally had the chance to share lunch with original SPL buddies, Xen and Edrik (our work anniversary falls on April 1), after a quite mouthful of attempts. We tried this new restaurant in Burgos Circle called Mile Hi Diner. Eventhough the chicken pesto pasta I ordered is sumptuous enough, the service sucked big time;

5. Roti, Roti. How to resist Kopi Roti’s kaya toasts and soft boiled eggs? Hindi ko kaya. I first discovered the dish while trying out their branch in one of NAIA’s boarding areas. It was overpriced as expected but it’s worth it;

6. Food Tasting. I had my first taste of, err, food tasting at the office in time for an upcoming event. Caterer is Josiah’s and the experience was delightfully noteworthy. We tried (and rated) dishes like marinated pork belly with apple barbecue sauce, charbroiled chicken with peanut sauce, pan-seared fish fillet with crispy garlic and lemon butter sauce and roast beef with mushroom gravy sauce plus panna cotta and flourless souffle for dessert. This was done in a mock-up style, complete with waiters in uniform and well decorated tables;

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