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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Life is an iPhone # 022

Clockwise from top row:

1. Go-Live Donut. Had this donut as part of the go-live for one of the projects that I’ve been involved with. What a way to sugar rush in the morning;

2. Menu Cover. Yes, it’s a painting and it’s also a menu cover in Café Juanita (at the Burgos Circle branch). Impressive for an appetite booster;

3. Super Adobo. I have never tasted an adobo variation this good. The “base” adobo is your usual adobo while the garnishing is some serving of adobo flakes. Hence the dish name “Two-Way Adobo”. A must-try;

4. First Snowflakes. As part of the office’s “dress up your area” campaign/contest for this Christmas season, I was tasked to cut out some paper snowflakes (thanks to the net for the guide). I don’t remember my self doing this during grade school and it was a therapeutic experience;

5. Beef Tapa Haven. Daalps Group did it again one Friday evening (or morning). Drinking session (with some Joe, the Mango moment) was held at Krocodile Grill in Greenbelt 3 then post midnight eat-out followed at Rufo’s. I had two beef tapa during that week, I guess. After this, coffee at Gloria Jean’s in The Fort until 6am;

6. View from the Bus Window. Armed with chai latte, I took a bus going to my dear Quezon Province right after the Friday stint. I had zero sleep then and this view of the sea from my seat failed not to impress me;

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