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Monday, November 30, 2009

Life is an iPhone # 021

Clockwise from top row:

1. Comedy Bar. The last time I visited Punchline (or is it Laffline?) was ages ago. It was a relief to spend a not so good Friday in the company of kids and kids at heart while laughing out loud on the stand-up comedians’ wit. It’s not something that I would do too often but the experience remains therapeutic;

2. Late Midnight Snack or Early Morning Breakfast? This one, too. I haven’t had a meal at 3am for quite a long time now. I had Special Chicken Chelo Kabab and a glass of tamarind iced tea for P155;

3. Shoes Who? Iam was not feeling good when I took this paparazzi shot of her shoes. I find the outcome a little poetic. Still at Mr. Kabab;

4. Biodegrable. I noticed this just recently that plastic bags from SM are now biodegradable. Genius!;

5. Pinoy Themed NBS. I am fascinated everytime I pass by this National Book Store branch at Robinsons Place in Ermita. I think it’s the only book store that is, err, very nationalistic. Take note of the base of the signage being made from banig and the top of the pillars being vinta-inspired;

6. Little Chicago. On my way to the Greenbelt Chapel, I was distracted by a group of kids and adults having fun on this part of the mall. The culprit is perhaps an exhaust fan underneath. I wish to try it when not too crowded;

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