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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Surviving Kris Kringle

So there, I survived this year’s kris kringle with officemates. It was me who actually co-perpetrated it. Our aliases this year were taken from any local celebrity and I chose Moymoy Palaboy as my alter ego. Reason: we have the same initials. Others were more creative though (Angelina Spoiled Brat, Kimmy Dora, etc.).

As for the something-something themes, we opted to have, first, something hard and edible followed by something addictive and something inspired by a Christmas song or lyrics. We also set our own wishlist as a guide on what we intend to receive for 300 bucks or more.

Nothing fancy come revelation time. I just spiced it up a little bit and gave the chance for the "Parents" to guess who their "Baby" was. First three correct guesses received a humble pack of assorted of polvorons from Goldilocks. That went well. Check out some celfone pictures here for evidence.

By the time you're through looking at the pics, I have probably secured my original "Cavite" DVD in my bag that I will be using on my trip home for Christmas.

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