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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Life is an iPhone # 019

Clockwise from top row:

1. Dora Explores Galleria. I think this was taken during the first or second weekend of November. It just shows that Christmas in the Philippines starts early;

2. Jozu Kin at Burgos Circle. I had ramen at Jozu Kin in one of my lunchmates’ Friday lunch-outs. This one’s slightly memorable as I was not feeling well. I was chilling then and I had to stay outside the resto for a few minutes to avoid the aircon. The hot dalandan juice saved the day. Food is great on this corner, by the way. It’s one of those places that you can taste the homemade-ness of the goods;

3. Red Tickets. Nothing special, really. The color of the movie ticket is just noticeable. Plus, it’s worth sharing that if you wish to watch a blockbuster film (read: “Twilight Saga: New Moon” or “2012”) and haven’t done a reservation weeks earlier, try The Podium Cinema and call them at 638-9781 to 85 to secure a seat. Very convenient for an extra P10;

4. Cinama One Originals in Araneta Center. I got fascinated that a not so major film festival can get a spot in the iconic Araneta Coliseum. Nope, I wasn’t after the movie poster beside it;

5. Giant Christmas Tree. Christmas is really around the bend. This picture was captured while on a cab on my way to Gateway Cineplex. If you remember the giant tree that Kuya Germs normally lights up, this is the same piece;

6. New Frontier Cinema. It’s a little saddening to see a once celebrated building being condemned. This place, which is synonimous to Cubao during its glory days, is known for grand movie premieres and the like. I’ve always been wanting to at least see the interior. Too bad, it started to tear down when I had the resources to do so. Goodbye, history;

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