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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Knock on Wood

It was weird. It was my first brush with premonition. At my age, that only proves that I don't have really a third eye or something.

One Tuesday afternoon, Teds approached me at my table and handed me something from HSBC. It was an envelope that is supposed to look like a black wallet. Its content doesn't have to do with the gothic packaging for it was only an invite-a-friend kind of promo. Teds then joked with "Condolence ha!" to my surprise. I quipped with something like "Uy, hindi OK 'yan ha" then instinctively, I knocked on the wooden table three times trying to dispell the curse.

Last Thursday, I got a text message from mom informing me that there was a vehicular accident in Brgy. Mal-ay (that's outside the town proper and along the national highway in Lopez, Quezon). Mom frequents the place to visit our mini kubo there from time to time (that's how she's very much updated with the news in the area). Also in the same SMS that my mom shared that the motorcycle (motorbike) is registered under the name of my highschool friend Joseph. He's one of my closest friends way back then. The rider didn't make it. His skull was crushed that deemed his body unidentified for hours (the accident took place at past midnight).

I started calling and texting my highschool friends. Minutes later, I was informed that it wasn't Joseph who passed away but his younger brother. The motorbike was "borrowed" without my friend's permission.

Then it dawned on me. Teds, a colleague, who carried the "premonition" is very much identified a motorbike. He goes to the office through that two-wheeled vehicle complete with a black helmet and a leather jacket. Is it just me, who is now considering the power of knocking on wood, or premonition really exists? Well, the truth is out there (the "X Files" theme song must be playing by now).

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