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Monday, February 22, 2010

Life is an iPhone # 033

Clockwise from top row:

1. Big Heart. Last hurray for Valentine, found this one as a window display in Fully Booked – High Street. It’s not that the clear from the picture but the art piece is a collection of book pages;

2. Pares Reduxe. In search for the best pares in town, I tried this stall in the open space (very UP’s Beach House) in front of Makati Med. P30 with rice but the one near Kalayaan Avenue tastes better;

3. Cocktails at CCP. Other than the programs the center is having, free cocktails after premiere or closing ceremonies is a must-try. Food is usually great but the conversations with the other patrons (film/theater buffs and the like) that come along with it are the best part;

4. RCBC Chapel. I visited this “hiding place” last Saturday for old times’ sake. It’s the chapel inside the RCBC Building where the old office used to rent. I miss the building. I miss the mass being held on that chapel. I miss the idea that you can visit it anytime of the day, like when you’re being stressed from work or something;

5. Aliw Theater. Critics call this an eye sore but I like the pretentiousness of it all. I went to this place only to find out that the show is postponed to next month. Lesson learned: call Ticketworld first;

6. Bare Stage. This one’s taken at the start of the TP play “Tatlong Mariya”. The experience of being brought to a bare stage made me high. It stripped the predictability of being seated in the usual audience area and you can “smell” the performance happening right before your eyes. The theater is indeed breathing! I haven’t felt it since time immemorial;

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