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Monday, February 22, 2010

Life is an iPhone # 032

Clockwise from top row:

1. Reflection. Took this while on the way to a Friday lunch-out. It was a helmet with a psychedelic reflection that captures some of the buildings in The Fort;

2. Nips and Flat Tops. I’m glad that these childhood chocolate candies are still around. Taken last February 11, in time for the social club’s Valentine-inspired activity;

3. Siomai from Eat Well! First, it was a free lunch. Somebody had his birthday treat. Secondly, the food is great as expected. We were informed that Noynoy Aquino and Loren Legarda once dined it there (in two separate events, of course);

4. The Fallen. Poor minty looking ice cream, somebody must have dropped it on Valentine’s Day;

5. Roast Beef from Pancake House. Nothing is more reassuring than a late lunch best shared with date-less fellows on Valentine’s Day. The food is good, something that I deserve on a very special occasion;

6. Chapel. It must be the breeze that I enjoy a lot while attending mass at this small chapel in Greenbelt area. This sanctuary reinvented the mass experience for Makati folks. I used to see Loren Legarda there and her family sitting on the lawn with a foldable chair;

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