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Monday, January 11, 2010

Life is an iPhone # 029

Clockwise from top row:

1. All-Meat. Pizza, that is. From Chelsea and it was shared with another set of friends from the office (Topeng, Nina, Au, Edrik and Karl). In conclusion, first week of January for 2010 was well spent with friends;

2. Roast Platter. Including slices of my favorite century egg (though I have to avoid this in the next two weeks) and pork asado. Taken during the committee lunch out at Zong. What a way to end the week with a free lunch (is there really such a thing?);

3. Videoke Group # 01. With the Friday Night Frogs (with Jes, Kat, JB, Mat, Nikko, Eric, Keith and Louie plus Edrik) enjoying a familiar ditty or two at Centerstage in Jupiter St. I was about to watch two films then but I cancelled it. The below-zero Red Horse Beer was just an icing on the cake;

4. Videoke Group # 02. Still with the same group of Daalps, GT, DA and AN. Also my co-Plurkers and my future care group (o-ha!);

5. How Korean. This stall in Food Choices in Glorietta 4 generically called Korean Barbecue is becoming one of my favorites. For only P99, you already have a generous serving of rice, regular chicken barbecue (read: sweet as opposed to spicy Korean barbecue), veggies, soup and a small plastic cup of iced tea. Forget the reasonable price, it is really good;

6. Food Court, Overlooking. And what a way to finish my food court food! Facing a nice view of the nearby mall and a cozy, zen-like atmosphere, dinner has never been this relaxing;

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