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Monday, January 11, 2010

Life is an iPhone # 028

Clockwise from top row:

1. Little Pianist. Right after the mini-talent showcase from Trumpets at the Shang one Sunday afternoon, this child prodigy grabbed a seat and played the piano. The music was heard all over the mall. It was a classical piece but I can’t remember now what the title is. Very relaxing and freeing, not to mention the talent being so overwhelming;

2. Cupcakes Group # 01. At Serendra, specifically just outside Cupcakes by Sonja. I had my favorite Red Velvet, thanks to balik-bayan Jeng (the one in the middle, with lunch buddies and friends Pipe and Hubes);

3. Cupcakes Group # 02. Same gathering, with Jamih, Dennis, Jeng, Bell, Pao, Redy, Jacq, Pipe and Hubes. Hope to do this again (probably with the same set of peeps and exact level of Christmas cheers);

4. Socs and the Fishes. In front of Tau Yuan, in time for the luscious Singaporean dinner. I think Allan took the same shot in preparation for his own “Life is an iPhone” series. By now, Mrs. Vistan is already in Dublin and Mr. Vistan, in Columbus, Ohio;

5. In the Company of Friends. My lunch buddies (less Pipe who was probably in the toilet that time). This is Christmas to me. Good food, good conversations, good company;

6. With Miss Rina. On our way to Chelsea last week, we bumped into a very dear ex-officemate. She was our HR Head when I joined the company. The memories of trekking and Theme Friday-ing and laughing way back then suddenly came in a flash. I kinda miss her sunny disposition and that all-smiling presence. Also in the picture: Edrik and Miss Rina’s two lovely daughters;

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