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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Movie Digest # 057

Glorietta 4, Cinema 6, April 13, 5:25pm

It may not be as chilling as other Chito Roño’s works like “Feng Shui” and “Sukob”, but it’s technically well made. I almost liked it. The play on the orphan who is about to be orphaned again because of marital problems tries to save an orphan is commendable. The only problem for me is the recreation of the underworld that is introduced in the film’s alleged climax. It does not only defeat the thrill, it also opens doors to criticize how the set is poorly made and that the make-up and costumes are distracting. But on second thought, given the premise that it’s a film about engkantos, I don’t know how the film could fare better. This is aside from providing a well-researched take on myths, a decent CGI and an honest-to-goodness acting chops.

Friends who might appreciate it: titos and titas alike.

Greenbelt 3, Cinema 5, April 13, 11:15pm

It’s a story about dreams and having them on your plate. It’s also about poverty and how you overcome it. And about love and the absence of it. It’s also about India. About game shows and socio-economics. Basically, a film about celebration of life as told through the eyes of a young dreamer who joined “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” and won. And won big time as he captures the heart of the girl of his dreams amidst perseverance and death. Personally, I find “Milk” to be the most superior among the Oscar contenders for best film, and I would always choose Danny Boyle’s “Trainspotting” among his works, but the silver lining of this film is too hard to pass up.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who can afford to buy a movie ticket.

Glorietta 4, Cinema 7, April 27, 8:15pm

The film could be classified as a chick flick but not in the league of a Renée Zellweger film. It stars Frances McDormand and Amy Adams who are of top calibre and are too amusing to see together. For me, the only drawback is that the director is too “visible” in the film. It seems like every frame is too choreographed, losing the genuineness of the characters. Aside from the cast, the idea of telling a story in just one day is also laudable.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who wish to see Frances McDormand do a British accent.

Glorietta 4, Cinema 3, April 30, 8:00pm

I had high expectations from the film as Gavin Hood who first gave us the Oscar winning film “Tsotsi” directed it. And I was not disappointed (unlike with “Rendition”, his other Hollywood outing). Though it may be taken as a popcorn film, I can say that it’s a pretty good one, nothing more, nothing less. The actions scenes are too delightful to see. It was so good that you can almost consider the film to be adapted from a video game and not from comics. I have to single out the fight scene that was executed on top of a dam on what seems like a nuclear plantation. That was brilliant.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who agree that Hugh Jackman was outshadowed by the picturesque Canadian Rockies.

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