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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happiness is Room Raiding at Club Balai Isabel

More pics here.

I almost skipped this blog because for some reasons, I’m too lazy to blog this week. I feel like the pictures and the video showing of the room raids would be enough. But then again, I wish to share with the world how the service in Club Balai Isabel sucked on the first day and that I immensely appreciate the smiles (and laughters) that a single room raid can give. And yes, I just created my very first short film, a la “Kubrador”.

I am referring to our company summer outing/teambuilding held at Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas. The actual teambuilding began when we first devised the activities for the summer outing. Since I’m a big fan of “The Amazing Race”, I think it would be fitting to have a scaled down version of the show. Then came the idea of “Survivor”, “Fear Factor” and “American Idol”. In general, it’s reality show all over.

First activity was supposed to be a “Survivor”-inpired relay using the Balikatan track. It’s going to be time-trialled and by the looks of it, it will be dirty, too. Second in the line-up was “The Amazing Race” that initially consisted of six roadblocks plus a “Fear Factor”-themed final pit. In the evening, we planned to have “American Idol” with all the Eraserheads songs. The whole concept required us to finish the props on Saturday at past midnight that gave us at least three hours of decent sleep before the trip.

The first day of the outing was a big mess. We left Net Square roughly an hour after the expected departure due to latecomers (and the Alabang stop). Though the cheering competition went well in the morning, heavy rains came in the afternoon. Some of the marshals skipped lunch to finalize the matrix for the activities (and ended up almost having no lunch at all). Then there was brownout and the service from the staff was not helping. We ended up cancelling the activities in the afternoon. I don’t have to share the details but the turn of events hit the peak of my stress level.

Stress in the afternoon, distress in the evening.

After having a good rest and a short relaxing photoshoot, I gained my self back to normal. Normal enough to drink the night away with friends and the kids. Dinner was far better and everybody looked cheery. We had videoke until 10pm and I headed back to our room for this year’s vodka night. Benjie shared a bottle of tequilla and Jamih, a yummy alcoholic iced coffee drink. Josh and Ahlou brought in The Bar (which was a bestseller that night).

Since the room was small enough for a big group, we (Jaejay, Josh, Ge, Benjie and company) decided to room-hop. Aside from the rooms in our cluster, the other room with big (and rowdy, hehehe) attendance was the one in Sampaguita (with Eric Leron as ultimo tangkero). While some of the group visited the Product room (I heard Neo took it off and another guy made a “split”), I ended up bringing in some folks like Arnold, Arian and Eric to the kids’ lair.

It was past midnight when we reassembled again in our room and decided to room raid Hubes. We were already tipsy. First room that we raided was the one housing Erin and company. Nothing really much because nobody was asleep in that room yet. Second pit stop was Hubes’ room where we caught him sleeping already alongside with Temmy. Third and last room was the one with Oliver (poor guy). I documented the whole raid for a little over ten minutes. To cap the night, we stayed in Erin’s room and had a mouthful round of yes-no questions with Neo as the talk show host. It was fun, just like the old times. I wish my other lunchmates were there.

Next day started late as anticipated. In a limited time, we had to rethink the games and removed “Survivor” and “Fear Factor” from the list. Even the original “The Amazing Race” roadblocks that involve basketball, kayaking and pingpong ball had to go, too. It went roughly well and I was glad that it was sunny that morning. Service was better too. Awarding went well and Arian cried. Personally, I can say that it was we, the marshals, who first experienced the teambuilding before echoeing it to the rest. The vodka and brandy gods must be crazy that day.

For the room raid footage, just check out this link.

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