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Friday, April 18, 2008

A Weekday in the Life of...

6:45am - Wake-up call from O2. Normally, I set two alarm clocks (celfone and the old-school one) just to make sure. They have a 30-minute interval. This is a must when assigned abroad (especially when adjusting with the time zone);

7am - Quicky breakfast with Quaker Oats Vital and Fruit Loops while reading Fodor's Bangkok's 25 Best. My APE showed that I am a hypertension suspect (BP is 140/100 which is quite high). This explains my healthy morning fix;

7:45am - Trip to shower. I am not really into long bathing hours. I can get myself ready in 30 minutes;

8:20am - Taxi-hailing. My aparment is located near the Makati City Hall so taxis are everywhere except for payroll period;

9am - Training (Office). My first training in ages. I sometimes feel "kinakalawang" but Spencer Johnson's "Who Moved my Cheese?" changed everything;

LUNCHBREAK - With officemates at Tokyo Tokyo in Market! Market! This is not an everyday thingy of course. Mondays through Thursdays are spent at the pantry with my lunch circle of friends (I have other groups like Playmates, Trekking/Camping Mates and my sole batchmate, Edrik);

1:30pm - Training (Office). As Alchris Galura's Friendster shout-out would say, "Laban kung laban" (hahaha).

3pm - Team meeting. Or better yet, one of the best team meetings that I have attended so far. Other than the usual business chitchat, we had S&R pizza and Cheetos (with generic name "cheese curls") plus four (or five?) bottles of Two Oceans red wine (made in South Africa and our PM's favorite brand, she said). Well, what happens if you're a little tipsy and everybody's too modest about the art of penetration ("suksukan"), screwing, soccer and kneeling, and having a giant octopus for a paper weight? Your guess is as innocent as mine but it was fun;

5pm - Work;

8pm - With my laptop bag, off I went to High Street to catch at least the finale of "Music by Starlight 2". I ended up with Sitti singing the last few lines of "What a Wonderful World", finale song "The Prayer" with Sitti plus Nolyn Cabahug, Rachelle Gerodias, (the great) Jonathan Badon and Liezl Batucan, a surprise piece from Jay Glorioso singing "La Vie en Rose" and the encore song "Amigos para Siempre". Short but worth it;

9pm - Visited Market! Market! again to check CD-R King if still open and got frustrated. Few minutes after, I was already queueing for Fort Bus to EDSA-MRT;

9:40pm - Bought three Melody CD-Rs at SM Makati's office supply shop and got a small bottle of C2 Lite;

10pm - Jeepney ride back to the apartment;

10:30pm - TV, particularly Jeffrey Jeturian's regular stint at "MMK" (last episode was forgettable except for the consistently fine acting from Kapamilya clan) and "Bandila" (for the news). I had also a glance at Q's "Balikbayan" with Maryo J. delos Reyes visting Bohol. Drew Arellano definitely deserves more visibility in the Kapuso station for he's a good host and, for that particular episode, a good and natural actor. Direk Maryo J, before the show ends, conceptualized a movie for Drew and Dennis Trillo and commented on their contrasting personalities. He said that the film is entitled "Chocolate Hills-back Mountain". I can't remember the last time I had a Friday gimik or movie marathon or Saguijo nightcap but this is more likely my kind of Friday;

Midnight - Bedtime, dreaming of my Bangkok adventure (with the travel books and flyers beside the Japanese bed);

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