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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bangkok Itinerary, First Draft

One month before THE Bangkok adventure, I started reading Fodor's Bangkok's 25 Best (one of the two travel pocket books that I bought). First impression: the city of "sanuk" (Thai for fun) is too overwhelming. It seems like my three days won't be enough to explore the place.

Anyway, here's my first draft:

Morning --> no idea yet
Lunch --> no idea yet
Noon --> Wat Pho, Grand Palace area
Sunset --> Temple of the Dawn (from the other side of the river)
Dinner --> Night Market near Patpong
Evening --> Patpong

Morning --> no idea yet
Lunch --> no idea yet
Noon --> no idea yet
Sunset --> no idea yet
Dinner --> no idea yet
Evening --> no idea yet

Ayutthaya Ruins Tour
Evening --> Departure

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