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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Pair of Levi's, Resurrected

I hate throwing clothes easily. As much as possible, I keep them if I can't find ways to recycle them. So imagine my closet full of tattered sandos (good for sleeping) and "squatter" (pardon the term) shirts. I had the same dilemma with the first Levi's I got from college. It's a vintage type, not the usual 501 which was a fad then. I stopped wearing them when it first got its casualty in the leg part, then a rip in the knees. I just don't want to transform it to a pair of hippy shorts so I decided to give it a second life.

Right before Holy Week, I brought it to Alter Station in Glorietta. It is located at the basement of the mall, near the Mercury Drug and Speedo area. I paid P250 for the overhaul and for me, it's worth it (check out the pic). The pants just made a comeback yesterday at work.

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