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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Office Room with a View

When I was jobless in Singapore, I had a vision that if ever God will give me a new job, I want to see sunset from my window. The idea is not to remind me of work. And stress and deadlines. So here I am, working in a company that gives me an office room with a view (old and new building alike).

Everytime at 4pm-ish, I make it a point to fold the blinds and get a glimpse of the mighty Manila sunset. I love the view especially on summer when the sky is more golden than any other season. And reason.

Yesterday, I found my self curious about the science of sunsets. As posted just recently, I was also curious about the science of break-ups (yeah). I observe that every year, as the days passed, the sunset is "moving" to the right (from my office room POV). Barely I would notice when it gets back to its original position at the left. I asked my friend then:

'Yung araw ba, babalik instantly sa kaliwa o gradual ang pagbalik n'ya?
A member of MENSA and also an IT person, my friend replied with "Dalawang beses mong ginamit ang salitang "balik". Sapul ba?". Maybe next time, I should stop asking about sunsets and just enjoy the view.

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