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Sunday, March 02, 2008

La Mesa Dam You!

In celebration of having my 503rd Friendster friend, below are the 10 best things about tapping the La Mesa Watershed:

1. Trekking and camping fees cost P400 (there's a P100 savings when availing both). That's cheap consdering that the "park" is considerably the last forest in Metro Manila (though I have some doubts about Fairview still being part of the megalopolis);

2. The sanctuary is currently managed by ABS-CBN, my favorite TV station in the whole wide world (hahaha). That's until 2015, as our guide had shared;

3. Plants-wise, there are two seasons in the Philippines namely Evergreen and Deciduous. Evergreen is the leafy one, equivalent perhaps of spring or summer in Europe (or the US) while Deciduous is not really the balding one but could be autumnal in terms of colors;

4. Trek is easy except for some "itchy worms" and a little acrophobia while climbing Tower 11. The tower is the "peak". Stay there until sunset for an amazing view of the city and the lush watershed;

5. "Lipang Kalabaw" should be avoided for it is both poisonous and irritating. We saw one while crossing a small bridge. I am not sure if it has other variants like "Lipang Aso" o "Lipang Baboy";

6. Camp site is conveniently located near the gate. You can have your cars parked beside it (just don't pee on it at night when moonlight is not sufficient);

7. Enjoy stargazing. Bring your loved one and hold his/her hand tight;

8. The road to the trek's starting point is rough. That itself is an experience. Bring 4x4 if you can. It's both dusty and picturesque;

9. Caving is part of the trek package. There's nothing much in it really but it is still worth visiting;

10. Dried wildflowers are everywhere.

1 comment:

nawawalangbata said...

"7. Enjoy stargazing. Bring your loved one and hold his/her hand tight"

pwede ring mag-gaze sa mga starry-eyed lovers (yihiy!)


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