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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Love Kita, Makati!

Just visited the Makati City Hall (new building) this morning. I had to secure a cedula (also known as Community Tax Certificate) for my ITR. I’ve been renting a room in Makati for roughly ten years now and it was my first time to actually visit the city hall (the tallest in Metro Manila, I think). I went there at 8:15am, passing through a throng of employees having an event in front of the building. There was an awarding of sort.

The lady guard welcomed me in the help desk. We exchanged “good mornings” and she prompted me to proceed to the third floor for the cedula (after glancing at the wall clock). I then proceeded to the elevator area. I noticed that each lift is marked with “1st and 26th floors only”, etc. and the closest I can get is “4th floor”. I just took the stairs down to the third floor where, at one end, has a campus ambiance of registrar-like windows. Two of which are allotted for “cedula” (others are for marriage contract, etc.). Going to that end was like walking inside a modest Ayala office: carpeted, air conditioned, clean and cozy. At least on this aspect, I am rest assured where my tax goes.

At the cedula window, I was asked to fill out a Mercury Drug-type of slip. I wrote in details like name, address and birthday. The attendant asked me if I have my ITR with me and I answered with “No, I don’t”. I was asked instead of my monthly salary. It will be multiplied by 12 and a peso for each P1,000 will be added to my community tax. Honestly, it was difficult to lie so I just took the plunge (hey, it’s Lenten Season and words like “Give Caesar what is Caesar’s” kept on bugging me like a fly).

I got my cedula in less than 10 minutes. It was “computerized” and not the usual handwritten one. On my way out, I admired the building once again and right before I crossed JP Rizal, I took a cell phone photo of it.

SIDE TRIP: Two weekends ago, I was enjoying the musical “EJ” with The Dawn’s live music and Jett Pangan and Julienne Mendoza as leads (two great vocals, by the way). The musical was a blast and left me awestruck (and teary-eyed) for a time. In the evening, Incubus lang with officemates (stalking at Araneta Coliseum’s South Gate was fun). Last Saturday, I had a trip to Quiapo for an enormous “shopping”. At 1:30pm, I was already at Gateway’s Fully Booked to fetch my Bangkok little travel book (got Fodor’s Bangkok’s 25 Best for 20% less). My weekend trip didn’t just end there. I proceeded to Glorietta’s Alter Station for my vintage pants’ second life (I have it with me since college!). At 5pm, I was at Beppo Barber Shop in A.Venue along Makati Ave for a haircut and a well-deserved scalp massage (a total of P500 with 20% off). Whew, life is indeed a treadmill.

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