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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Top Ten - Revisiting Tagaytay

10. Wisecracking with friends on a two-hour trip;
9. Buco tart shopping at Amira's;
8. Visiting Caleruega on a sunset;

7. Enjoying a little night music at Taaleña;
6. Contemplating at Pink Sisters convent;
5. Admiring Taal Volcano for the nth time (with a rainbow is a bonus);
4. Nice and pleasant breakfast at Bag of Beans;

3. Yummy Greek coffee and other mediterranean food at Mano's Greek Taverna;
2. Photographing honeybees and flowers at Ilog Maria Honeybee Farms (already part of Silang, Cavite); and
1. That Tagaytay summer breeze.

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