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Monday, June 12, 2006

Peter Jackson vs. Peter Jackson

Last Saturday, I finally caught Peter Jackson’s first commercial and Cannes-invited film called “Bad Taste”. It’s one violent film about a town invaded by aliens and “The Boyz” must save the day. A really thin plot, yes, but you can feel, even touch, Peter Jackson’s passion on movie-making. He did almost everything from making all the “FX” down to acting (as both the villanous alien and as one of the heroes, complete with a fight scene!).

Filmmaking, I guess, starts from the talent, the “it”. I am reminded on how Chito Roño enjoyed doing masks for some DUP plays before directing his first feature “Private Show”. Or Akira Kurosawa adding some black ink to the rain-making machine to get a better cinematography for a B&W film. Peter Jackson has that gift. It has something to do with his childhood which I envy (his parents gave him a video camera as a gift for his 14th birthday).

I think,our indie filmmakers (including the one who did the Pinoy film that I saw in the Rotterdam Filmfest where almost 75% of the crowd walked out) should learn something from Peter Jackson. Otherwise (meaning the gift is not there but the urge to express is floating), get a copy of Steven Soderbergh’s “Bubble”. It suggests what a Guerilla film should look like: structured and not masturbatory.

Summary: do you want to be a filmmaker? Check out Peter Jackson’s “Bad Taste” or Steven Soderbergh’s “Bubble”.

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Manuel Pangaruy, Jr. said...

secret. Atenista s'ya. hehehe.

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