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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Andrew E. Saves the Day!

Saturday, midnight.

Wow, designer’s block. This is unexpected. I’m reading some work-related stuff when it hit me. I can’t comprehend everything. All I wanna do is sleep. Then out of the blue, Andrew E.’s “Pink Palaka” just hops in…
Sa silong ni Kaka may taong nakadapa
Kaya pala nakadapa naninilip ng palaka
Palakang may buhok ngipin ay nakalubog
Ang kulay nito'y itim hindi naman sunog
After keeping my eyes closed while listening to the song and absorbing the music, I realized that Andrew E. is right. Dreams start at the bottom (“silong”). You have to make an effort (“nakadapa”) to achieve something (“naninilip ng palaka”). But achievements come in different shapes and sizes (“may buhok”, “ngipin ay nakalubog”, “itim” at “hindi sunog”). It could be a smile of a baby, a platinum award, zero QA point, an Oscar for Best Picture, a P5,000-worth Nike shoes, trip to Barcelona, a perfect chicken adobo, a Jollibee birthday party treat or even a beautiful housewife.

An acumen just sinks in: no work means no dreams and achievements. I can see clearly now.

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