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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Wedding

More pictures here.

Last February 24, I got a text from Melea (everybody in our circle of friends addresses her as “Ate Melea”) asking me if I can reserve March 20 for my Facebook photo album “Project 365 Days”. Of course, without even asking, I have to be at her wedding.

Just a little background, Melea’s a high school classmate and friend while her hubby, Erwin, is a childhood friend (read: Atari and Family Computer days). They’ve been a pair since college days, if I remember it right.

The wedding was celebrated at St. Ferdinand Cathedral in Lucena City. The church is three hours away from Manila (and two hours from our hometown) so we had to leave the metro at least four hours early. Not surprisingly, the number of guests is minimal. That’s very Erwin and Melea. Family and relatives from both sides were present as well as close friends and kababayans. Even the ninongs and ninangs are familiar faces, no big name politicians and the like. To top it all, the priest happens to be a friend to the couple. It was good to hear a sermon that was so personalized.

Reception followed at Palaisdaan in Tayabas, Quezon. Weddings (or most events) held in Lucena City normally have receptions there. It’s a place known for nipa hut-like cottages set in the middle of fish ponds. Food was fresh and festive as expected. I even tried the evil tuwalya from kare-kare (with matching bagoong that is not the bottled type) and a chunk of lechon. Conversations on native tongue were a breeze to behold. Then there’s music and lots of catching up with real friends (you know who you are). For a moment there, I felt shielded. It was a relief when the newlyweds decided to give the bouquet (and stocking?) to a married couple because they couldn’t find apt candidates. Either most friends are already married or they were just polite.

Upon reaching Makati, I got a thank you text from Melea (how often do we get thank you notes nowadays?). I replied to her saying that I enjoyed the wedding and that it’s always a pleasure to be there. She said that it’s the presence of friends that made it enjoyable. I guess she hit the bull’s eye there. Days are best measured with, aside from love, friendship. I can’t wait to see them again come Holy Week.

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