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Friday, June 05, 2009

Claim to Fame, Part 2

Just yesterday, I checked out only to find out an article about Angel Locsin doing a remake of Ishmael Bernal - Ricky Lee - Nora Aunor masterpiece "Himala" (1982). It was a fascinating read though personally, I feel like the film should not be remade for it not to lose its sanctity. But for immortality's sake, why not?

That's actually beside the point of this claim to fame thing. Last week (Sunday, May 31, to be exact), I camcorded Angel Locsin reading an excerpt and have it posted on my YouTube account and later on posted the link on my Facebook and Multiply.

I was surprised to see a reference in the article about a particular video on Youtube on which it elicited a good comment from a certain "ymstel".

The comment happens to be quoted from my YouTube account. Here's a proof:

And the video, now garnering a whopping 1,841 goodness gracious views.

I've got nothing more to prove or disprove here. I like Angel Locsin but I'm not a huge fan (though I am still in search of that Rogue December issue). I was actually flabbergasted with the attention the video is getting and the comments, constructive or not, that come with it. Oh well, Manuel. Just wishful thinking that this claim to fame might at least get Miss Locsin's attention and add me as a friend in Facebook (which has been pending for a quite a while now). Sigh.

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