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Monday, March 05, 2007

My Kinda Sabado

10:00 – Umpisa na ng araw ko. Thanks to my celfone and my old school alarm clock.

10:05 – Helped my landlady, Ate Nadine, fold the tent that I borrowed from Jong. The one that I used last JEST.

10:30 – Brunch at Chowking (JP Rizal) with fish with tausi. I didn’t finish the rice.

11:00 – Ligo.

11:45 – Jeepney ride to Guadalupe Ilalim. I left my celfone at home.

12:10 – MRT to Quezon Avenue. It was windy when I got out of the train station.

12:30 – Jeepney ride to “campus”. Sa tapat na ako ng Palma Hall bumaba. It was damn hot. Andaming estudyante na may kanya-kanyang pananalig at giyera sa buhay.

12:45 – Saw stage actor Neil Ryan Sese, still wearing his period costume and fully made up, passed by me. If you were not aware that there’s a period musical staged in the building, you’ll mistake him for a ghost.

12:50 – Met Jo-anne Quiros of Dulaang UP for the ticket. She asked me to just come back at 2:30 for the ticket. I was too early for a 3pm play.

13:05 – Took a shot of a walkway from Palma Hall to an adjacent building. I brought my S60 with me (contrary to what I usually do: leave the valuables at home when heading north).

13:20 – Can’t find Casaa. I took the wrong turn, that’s why. I should have exited on the right side of Palma Hall from the stairs connected to the upper floors.

13:30 – Found Casaa. Found my self eating chicken roll from Gloria’s. A friend from Quezon badly craves for this dish. She said that it’s still good after all these years.

13:40 – Tambay sa hagdan sa Palma Hall. Panood-nood lang sa mga estudyanteng nag-aaral, nagdadaldalan, nagdi-discuss ng project at nangangampanya.

14:20 – Went back to the hall’s second floor, in front of Wilfrido Ma. Guererro Theater where Jo-anne found me. She handed me the ticket and the program (without Bb. Jose’s signature which I asked upon ticket reservation through text).

14:30 – Got in the priority queue (along with some people who look like books). I was craving for the banana latte from the stall nearby but managed to kill the temptation. Good job, Manny Boy!

15:00 – The sarswela “Basilia ng Malolos” began. It stars the beautiful Jenny Jamora (she’s very luminous) as Basilia along with a bunch of women in Filipinianas. I love the music. I love the content. My first good stage production for the year. To my friends’ disappointment, the play, which ran for 2 hours and 30 minutes, has no nudity.

17:45 – The wedding ring of the lead character rolled and went near into my seat. I was on the front row, middle seat. I just put it back in the stage’s edge (just as high as my knees).

18:10 – On my way out back to MRT station. It was raining. Took the lift (sardinas kasama ang anim o pitong tao sa loob).

18:50 – Made a short trip to the train station’s toilet. It is surprisingly clean and well maintained.

19:10 – Walking 101: MRT Ayala Station then SM Makati then Glorietta then Landmark then Greenbelt 3 then Greenbelt 1.

19:30 – Jolly spaghetti was too tempting to resist. I hoped that Janet (and probably other peeps) won’t mind this fast food pit stop. Eat-and-run.

19:50 – Met Janet near the escalator at the mall’s second level. I was glad to see her there at that time. We planned to meet between 7:30 to 7:45pm and we can just leave or get in if nobody shows during that period.

20:00 – Repertory Philippines’ “Song and Dance”. It’s a piece by THE Andrew Lloyd Webber. The first part was all singing (with Carla Guevarra-Lafortesa) and the other, all dancing. Beautiful act, beautiful music. What more can I ask for? I also saw Anton, an ex-Manila officemate plus KC Concepcion and Lino Cayetano.

22:10 – Greenbelt 3, looking for a movie schedule. LFS was at midnight so I had to walk back to Glorietta 4 for an ealier sched.

23:00 – “Letters from Iwo Jima”. LFS. To keep me awake, I got a tall Tazo passion tea from Starbucks and a mini-bag of roasted salted cashew nuts from House of Nuts. I wasn’t sure if I was too sleepy while queueing or I really saw Etta Rosales and her kids in front of me.

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