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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Movie Digest # 005

Glorietta 4, Cinema 3, March 3, 11pm

Worthy of an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. Nagustuhan ko ‘to. Clint Eastwood is really good. By the way, here are the reasons: 1. ang tahimik n’ung film, comparable sa ilang Japanese films. Para kang nagze-zen up while watching it (so avoid LFS, hehehe); 2. the film doesn’t vindicate anything. The film ends with the infamous mountain as “piping saksi” of everything, walang evil, walang good; 3. the device used is similar to “Titanic” and “Schiendler’s List” but “Letters…” pulls it off more gracefully (naks!); and 4. may “theme” ‘yung film. Umpisa pa lang, you know already how dark it will end. For a film director, it’s a challenging task.

Friends who might appreciate it: war film lovers and regular movie goers.

Power Plant, Cinema 5, March 4, 3:35pm

OK, I was teary-eyed with this one. I’m still a child at heart. Hahaha. Asa pa. I can say that this is a small film. The promo that it’s from the producers of “Narnia” and the CGI team is the same as those from “LOTR” and “Kingkong” is a bit misleading. Hindi s’ya FX film na sobrang engrande. It’s not even a fantasy film. Sa kabila nito, maayos na natalakay ang acceptance, paglawak ng horizon, paglaya at moving on. Kahit kokonti, convincing ang CGI pero hindi nagpasapaw ang cast. Mahuhusay rin sila (mas magaling pa sa mga bata sa “Narnia”).

Friends who might appreciate it: parents, their kids, parent-at-heart and child-at-heart.

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