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Monday, March 12, 2007

Manny, The Enlightened

Last Saturday, after watching a film and a palabok break, I grabbed my S60 and my tripod and took a cab to World Light Expo along Roxas Boulevard (right in front of the ghostly Uniwide Coastal Mall) in Parañaque. The entrance fee costs P200 and I was advised, will be P100 more expensive starting Monday (March 12) onwards.

The place is comparable to a theme park except that it doesn’t have any wild rides and annoying mascots. As the park DJ has announced (at least every 15 minutes), there are two million light bulbs in the area, lighting different items like a giant pagoda, a kilometric dragon made of China (saucers, plates and sandoks), some balloons shaped like characters from a cartoon series, gallery of lanterns (my favorite piece), arcs, an altar (with Jesus on it, Diyos ko!), a temple and even Eiffel Tower and the London Tower Bridge miniatures.

If you’re tired of walking and taking pictures, feel free to take a spot near the stage and watch for a free show from China Circus (great but nothing new if you’ve seen a circus before) and Dance Inc. (oh boy, Pinoys are really talented even in non-Pinoy arenas like belly dancing). Then there’s the Korea B-Boy Dancers (B for Breakdance, I guess).

Aside from this unique treat (come on, have you seen a back-to-back entertainment from belly dancing Pinoys and breakdancing Koreans before?), there’s a laser show called something like “Ocean Laser Show”. Pwede na. I enjoyed the surprise fireworks after the presentation. Just don’t get near the fountain area or you better be ready to get wet.

Hmmm, what else? Ah, there’s a room for a set of terracotta warriors (so fake but it’s not that bad) and another room for a collection of Hanji-made dolls created by a certain Ms. Lee Hyung-Sook (really, really cute).

At 9pm, I had a pork barbecue and a hotdog from Didiboy’s (with C2, the meal costs P92). I was tempted to try on the traditional Chinese costumes (P100 rental fee for photo-op) but I preferred to have my “last look” round that took me an hour or two more. Tired of strolling and setting-folding my tripod, I shared a bench with a mom and her daughter. They were talking about how amazed they were with the items inside the expo. I bothered not do any small talk this time. I can’t afford to. My left hand had my S60 ready to trigger a shot while my other hand was busy holding a grape-flavored Korean ice cream.

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Anonymous said...

so interested in touring to korea in the far-near future? hehehehe...

uso nga ata yung b-boy sa korea ngayon.. ito sana maganda panoorin... The Ballerina who Fell in Love with a B-BOY na stage play

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