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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Movie Digest # 008

Robinsons Galleria, Cinema 8, March 14, 10:00pm

I was struggling before I decided to watch this film. You see, the film is exclusively shown at Robinsons Galleria and I only have the LFS as an option. The film, by the way, is R18 and I was afraid to watch it alone. Come on, it’s not Glorietta or Greenbelt (my second and third homes). But I was challenged by my self being a film buff. I have a hint that the film is somewhat close to “Scorpio Nights” which is about self destruction (thus the title). So I went having the “self destruction” thing in mind. Hahaha. OK, the film is good. It’s heavy. Nakakadugo ng ilong pag-isipan lalong lalo na ang huling sampung minuto nito. The film tackles the lives of a family, another couple (the maid and the house boy) and a bisexual tenant inside a compound (I’m not sure if that is a Pinoy word but the title refers to a place similar to a townhouse having two or three houses inside, fenced by only one gate). Then insanity hits one of the characters. Everything becomes complicated and ends with a psychologically demanding denoument. Whoa! A must-see, actually, for those who are tired of Pinoy rom-coms.

Friends who might appreciate it: film lovers and film haters alike.

Glorietta 1, Cinema 3, March 16, 8:30pm

This one’s wow! Spooky. Hehehe. After a long time, it’s a relief to finally watch a scary film that doesn’t have a woman with a long hair in white as Madam Misery. The film has a lean farmer looking guy in camiso chino instead. What I love most about the film is that it isn’t loud, it’s not high-pitched and irritating. I prefer this one over “Sukob” in terms of delivery and subtlety. Ang galing pa ng cast. I think they’re indie world’s crème of the crop: Yul Servo, Angel Aquino, Coco Martin and Sid Lucero plus the ever reliable Ian Veneracion, Assunta de Rossi and Rodel Velayo. But the title could be misleading in case you’re expecting a lot to see Siquijor with its fine beachlines and sunset on its glory. The plot is simple. After a group of TV crew shot a “Nginiiiiggg!” type feature in Siquijor, they went back to Manila only to suffer the consequences of the “engkanto”. I’ll stop there. Just go and catch this one.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who cleverly (naks) appreciate Pinoy thrillers.

Gateway Cineplex, Cinema 4, March 17, 2:10pm

I was sorry that I did not watch this film when it was first shown in Utrecht. This one’s a gem. Simply because I haven’t seen a nice black comedy in years. The last time, I think, was with “Full Monty”. Sobrang benta sa akin ‘to: mga karakter na buhol-buhol, kwentong pamilya, isang naghihingalong yellow van, ang choreography n’ung isa-isa silang sumasakay sa van matapos itong itulak (si nanay muna, si bunso, si tiyo at si kuya), sangkaterbang sarcasm, underacting, patay na lolo sa backseat, bagong pananaw sa mga beauty pageant na pambata at ang paglaya ng lahat sa kung anumang kanilang pinapasan. Weird but when everbody was laughing inside the theater for the finale scene, I was close to crying a river. A must-see (naks!). Hahaha.

Friends who might appreciate it: no limit, all of them!

Gateway Cineplex, Cinema 6, March 17, 5:20pm

If you’ve seen “The Birdcage” (based on the play “La Cage Aux Folles”) with Robin Williams and Gene Hackman during the mid-90’s, then you’re already familiar with “Happy Hearts”. There’s nothing new and kick-ass with this film. Pinoy na Pinoy ang formula (drama-dramahan, konting komedya, merong loveteam na mga teenager, etc.). What I have realized though is that Rustom can act better than Binoe. Kailangan lang talaga ng tamang project. I can hear some giggles everytime Wendell Ramos appears on screen, doing a “parlorista” kind of role. Alam kasi ng lahat na everything’s just a game. Oh, well. Walang kailangang i-convince at ma-convince. Verdict: it’s not good pero hindi naman s’ya basura.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who frequent comedy bars in Timog.

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