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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Return to Punta del Este

It’s been almost an every-other-Saturday thing for me when visiting the beaches here in Uruguay. Last weekend, along with the Manila Mafia, off we went to probably the most popular destination on this side of South America. It’s called Punta del Este and it’s my second time around. Please check out this link about my first visit.

We did almost the same stuff as last time. With some very minor updates like the hostel (The Trip Hostel), a new restaurant (El Tonel Restaurant) which is quite pricey compared to parrillas in Montevideo, bar hopping (from Moby Dick to Uruguay’s hippest bar in my list, Dolce Vita) and the sunset experience at Casa Pueblo (complete with a recorded poetry reading from Carlos Páez Vilaró himself).

Let me just let the pictures speak for our trip.

This one greeted us at The Trip Hostel
Our bunk beds for our 12-person room
Redy taking a picture of the iconic La Mano
Our parrilla food at El Tonel
Expectators at Casa Pueblo waiting for the sunset
The sunset at the Atlantic Ocean complemented by Ceremonia del Sol by Carlos Páez Vilaró
An old naval building at the Yacht Club
My first time to get up close with Punta del Este's El Faro
Tried this equally mouth-watering pancho completo from Chiviteria Marcos
We saw this posh artwork in one of the playas

The rest of the pictures here.

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