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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fitness Log # 001

NOTE: This is my attempt to satirize Allan Vistan’s fitness journal, with the same format and all. He, by the way, did something similar to my Movie Digest series. So this is more of revenge than returning a favor.

October 20, 2010

Usual warm-up (10-sec each arm and leg stretching, etc.)

5x5 Squat (40 kgs)
5x5 Bench-Press (30 kgs)
5x5 Inverted Row (body weight)
5x5 Pull-ups (body weight supposedly but replaced with 40 - 50 kgs)
3x12 Reverse Crunch

What the hell is WOD?

Oh, well. We’re actually nearing our first month of visiting La Estacada Gimnasio (just a few meters away from the apartment and yes, that’s where the national rugby team of Uruguay sweats out). In fact, we’re renewing our monthly fee para socio tomorrow. I’ve wanted to blog something like this but to be realistic, I was either always sleepy or tired from the work-out.

The program we’re doing is called Strong Lifts 5x5 and it was recommended by officemate/friend Topeng (who’s very strict and who’s having his birthday today). I can say that after gathering all the excuses that I could think of just to skip that gym thing and having them in vain, I am starting to look forward to a leaner me. Thanks to this thing called peer pressure. But seriously, the motivational quote that struck me the most, from one of the links that Topeng has shared, is about having personal sacrifices just to achieve a certain goal. So I have to say goodbye to some of my movie nights. Besides, they don’t replenish movies here the way it’s done back home.

As for the progress, I’m doing well with the squats. Before, I can’t afford to do a full squat. I would feel out of balance even without weights. The program suggests an additional 2.5 kgs every week and it’s been a long way since I started with just the bar (20 kgs). That’s actually my favorite part of the routine. It’s just right and I start to sweat a lot on my third set. My Waterloo is more on the Bench-Press or OHP as I struggle with the increments. For instance, I’ve been doing 30 kgs for Bench-Press for two sets now and I hope to graduate from that real soon.

Aside from the usual food that I am avoiding, I don’t have a diet that I religiously follow. I’m on the roll with avoiding carbs and since fish is good on this side of the planet, I always order for pescado planchada whenever there’s a chance. Maybe I have to be vigilant, too, with my daily water intake. I notice that my weight is stuck in the same digits but Topeng said that it must be the muscle improvement that’s doing that.

So far, so good. I know the road to Mt. Olympus is a long way to go but I am moving. At least I am moving. There’s this priceless self esteem after walking out of the gym. I don’t know exactly what it is but it sure feels golden. Plus, the dinner after the work-out has never been so guilt-free and rewarding.


vistan said...

si topeng strict? langya d nga cya sumasabay sa amin dati e heheh

Platinum Awardee said...

WOD = workout of the day?

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