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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Horse Capital of the World

Lexington, Kentucky is considered as the Horse Capital of the World. But it has nothing to do with my visit just hours ago. I had to buy a Greyhound bus ticket from Austin to Houston on July 18 to visit a "kababayan" after a company event and that's it. I relied everything to GPS and I did not create an itinerary of places to visit.

GPS estimated a 30-ish minutes to reach the city. Most of the time was spent travelling along a freeway (US 64). I definitely had a blast with my wet hands overtaking other vehicles and running 80 mph. The ticket purchase lasted only a minute and the accidental tourist in me was just looking for the nearest Asian restaurant when I landed to a nice Thai diner called Taste of Thai. I like their Pad Thai except that it's too sweet for me. I finished the big serving anyway. The attendant who came from Laos made a correct guess on my nationality. She said that she's got lots of Asian friends.

I stayed and explored the city (as in "city!") for another 30 minutes before getting back to the paid parking area and headed back to Frankfort where a truckload of home work is waiting.

1 comment:

vistan said...

haha, meron din ako picture na ganyan for burlington electric!

CC&B forever! hehehe

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