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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Third Day of Night

I just realize that blogs start to get boring when you write about heartbreak, moving on and getting back at life. But come to think of it, blogs are meant to stand that and ideally designed to help us unburden the burden. Whatever the odds are, this is a statement: no more boring stuff.

I got a text message from Jesse yesterday that my beer buddies, CueshĂ© (no less, hahaha), will be performing at Cowboy Grill in Malate in the same evening. So I squeezed that in and gave a shot. Matagal ko na ring hindi nakikita ang banda. Besides, I have business with Jesse. He got me two signed CDs from Jed Madela and Ronnie Liang. Yeah, I am a big fan of signatures and Jesse’s a man of connections.

I left the apartment at quarter before midnight, wearing my black Rico Blanco shirt and faded black jeans. The cab ride itself was an experience as Manong Driver thanked me for waking him up through a hearty conversation. Bihira ‘yan na nakakatikim ako ng salamat para sa isang simpleng bagay (not that I’m waiting for it).

It was raining hard. May bagyo raw sa Bicol.

At midnight, I was already at Cowboy Grill’s door, waiting for Jesse. After a minute or two, he showed up and signalled me to go to Shakey’s instead. These establishments are erected on the same side facing Aristocrat and the overwhelming Rajah Sulayman edifice. At the al fresco section of the pizza parlor, Mike and Jovan greeted me while having a post-yosi session. The rest of the guys were inside the resto enjoying the company of another group (manager, few fans, etc.). After some small talk, we proceeded to the venue for the gig. By the way, we went to Cowboy Grill through the comfort room section of Shakey’s, skipping the P300-worth consumable entrance fee. There’s a not-so secret door there connecting the two restos. I realized later that they are sharing the same comfort room.

Hmm… the gig went fine. It’s like I haven’t been missing their repertoire for a long time now. I had a bottle of SMB Light and a shared plate of Calamares. I had a blast observing the drunkards (one of them requested for GNR’s “November Rain”, justifying that it’s the month of November and indeed it was raining). The band opted not to sing that but continued with the familiar covers like “Creep”, the Queen medley and more.

Bedtime at 2am. I missed staying late on a weekday and this is a good start. I can’t wait for more outtakes as Neverland always concocts something new and something difficult.

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Topeng said...

"I just realize that blogs start to get boring when you write about heartbreak, moving on and getting back at life."

- boring for who? the writer or the reader? Just write everything and unburden yourself as i doubt you'll be losing any audience. Don't let anyone take your personal space in this world (wide web). =P

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