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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Hmm.... Day 1. Hahaha. Badminton in the evening at Pasong Tamo Extension with officemates. It's been ages since I last played so imagine the muscle pain right after the game. We called it a night just minutes ago. Then I took a cab back to my place.

Manong Driver was tuned in to Love Radio and the DJ was called something like Mr. Foo (or Fu?). By the way, this is the same station that keeps on bugging us with "Hi, Pangga!". Then Mr. Foo said something that cheered me up: "O, sa mga taxi driver, sabay-sabay n'yong tingnan at ngitian ang katabi n'yong pasahero ha. OK, 1...2...3... Tingin! Ngayon naman, mga passengers, sabay-sabay n'yong tingnan at ngitian ang inyong taxi driver. 1...2...3...!"

I stopped by at Sa Tabi along Reposo and had liempo and rice (a no-no!) and just enjoyed the cold early Christmas breeze.

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