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Monday, July 02, 2007

Things 003: Yabang Pinoy “Baller Band”

I saw this fashion accessory about a month ago in one of the shops at Glorietta’s Art Space. I just put the idea of buying it into oblivion only to relive it again after browsing the July issue of FHM’s fashion/grooming section. The item is made of Abaca, which, according to the card that comes with it, is a metaphor of Filipinos being malakas at matatag. Cool, eh? It’s also a campaign, by the way. Similar to other cause-oriented baller bands from Nike like Live Strong and One or the politically correct WWJD. The item is only P50 (I got mine from The T-Shirt Project, formerly Spoof, in Glorietta) but the pride attached to it every time you wear it is priceless. O-ha! Just visit their website:

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