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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Movie Digest # 001

Greenbelt 3, Cinema 2, Feb 20, 8:25pm

The film reminds me of Neil Simon’s works like “They’re Playing Our Song” and even “Barefoot in the Park”. Some scenes are very stagey (minimal characters, lengthy and witty lines and mostly shot inside the apartment). The film’s only weakness is the ending. It’s very common, very, very familiar. Pero syempre, I can’t forget Hugh Grant’s band’s Pop Goes the Heart music video (the hip dance, the snapping, etc.). That one is worth watching.

Friends who might appreciate it: 80’s peeps like Edrik(!), Socs (and Allan, it’s a package deal, I guess), Con, Faye, Moncho (!), Leah, Topher, my highschool buddies and my brother’s highschool buddies.

Greenbelt 3, Cinema 3, Feb 20, 11:15pm

Ang lalim! Hindi ko ma-dig. Hehehe. But let me try. The main plot is about a couple, Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. May sakit si girl. The guy, a medicine person, is willing to do anything just to save his ladylove. In search for a medical breakthrough, the guy sometimes ignores the girl in the process (“this is for her”). The girl died physically and emotionally. Ang nagpalalim sa pelikula ay ‘yung visual inclusion ng isang lalake na kalbo (still, si Hugh Jackman) at ang tree of life/knowledge. I assume, spirit or heavenly creature s’ya. This is segued by the film’s prelude from Genesis’s Adam and Eve. I guess the director used this figuratively to suggest that in search of life/knowledge, there must be some kind of a sacrifice. What thickens the plot more is another story within the story. It’s called “The Fountain” written by the girl which she intends the guy to finish. It’s a period story about a Spanish warrior in search of the tree of life/knowledge. Basta, ang lalim. Hehehe. Though, hands down, it’s visually stunning.

Friends who might appreciate it: Darren Aronofsky fans (including me, I like his “Requiem for a Dream”), members of my underground film group (o-ha), Jim, Fer, Jae-Jay and Leah (simply because she’s a Hugh Jackman fan).

1 comment:

socs said...

Seryoso ka nga nung sinabi mong maghahabol ka ng palabasa sa sinehan! hehehe

I'm not too excited to see Music and Lyrics on the big screen (though am sure I'll like it...). Ewan. Feeling ko lang yan yung pwede ko rin hintayin sa DVD.

Plus sobrang late na ko (okay, fine, KAMI, sa mga palabas sa sinehan) hehehe.

The Fountain sounds intriguing though...haay so many choices, so little time.

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