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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

JEST! (Also Known as Death March)

In line with my being 30 (read: doing stuff that I haven’t done before), I finally reached a mini-summit. Err, I meant a real mini-summit. Mountains, jungle, forest. Summit! Yeah. Summit, summit, summit!

Last Saturday, I woke at around 5am to meet Macy at Pililia corner JP Rizal. That’s where my cabmates and I meet to get a cab every office morning. But Macy and I were heading to Mc Donalds – Q Ave that time. We came in first. An hour (and a plate of Mc Franks) later, the rest of the chosen ones came in.

We were 17, all in all. End of my blog entry. Hahaha.

DISCLAIMER: First point: I’m trying to be lazy. Second point: I’m considering a scriptwriting technique where I won’t be giving everything. Clever is the word. And yes, I’m writing a script entitled “Pepeng Saksi”.

We reached the homebase of Jungle Environmental Survival Training (or simply, JEST-sy, pun intended) at around 12:30pm. Summer heat, it was. Next thing we knew, we were already trekking the forest with the help of two JEST-ers. It was a two-hour trek. I forgot how many rivers, mini-rivers and a German campsite we crossed but definitely bamboos were unforgettable (and will be unforgettable for at least a month, I think).

OK. At 4:30pm-ish, we have already set up our tents. Four lovely tents, a hammock city and some squatters. Then appetizer with TJ hotdogs. Then dinner with sisig and corned beef. Then Red Horse beer. Then vodka. Then red wine. Zzzz….

The next day, we reached the summit. After the summit, we died in the forest. Then we resurrected as bath-hungry criminals (pumped up with Magnolia twin popsicles and ice-cold mineral water).

Damn, I definitely left my soul in the jungle. I found my body eating roast beef and a portion of Angus ribeye steak at 3pm.

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