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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Love is….

(First and foremost, NAKS! Hahaha. I actually wanna do a Tom Cruise and shout “I’m in love! I’m in love!”. But yes, I am in deep shit.)

NOT FAULTLESS – since love is a heart matter (as opposed to “mind” matter), it should be flawed. Maraming butas. Hindi kasi scientific. Hindi formulaic. Therefore, it’s free falling. Para kang nahuhulog sa Wild River, walang control from the railing. The thing is, you really don’t have to hold on to something (sorry, Rouge). If there’s a scene that best describes this, it should be the one in “Titanic” where Jack Dawson yelled at Rose “You jump, I jump!”.

UNSELFISH – when love hits you, you should be ready to sacrifice (hobby, money, friends, foes, machismo, etc.). That’s the game of love. You have to “deal”. Always. Otherwise, it’s not love. It’s one-way. Parang JP Rizal sa umaga. And when love remains unshared, it’s not noble. Walang fleeting feeling. Para kang nakaapak pa rin sa lupa. Nakakadena.

UNCONDITIONAL – for me, the purest form of love is the unconditional one. It’s like banking in some investments without considering the returns. Or worse, hello, bankruptcy! Bagsak na kung bagsak ang stocks but that’s the reality. If your love is not returned, you die. Yeah, but soon you shall live. And do the chasing again and again. If you earn lots of chasings in the end and gain only one or two “finish lines”, consider the adage “life is a journey”. Quantity at quality, panalo ka pa rin.

ATTENDED – tae ang love na hindi naa-acknowledge. I’m using the term “acknowledge” as opposed to “label”. Mas tae kung may label na ito. The complications of this thing called “commitment” come in. Yari ka. But I believe love should be acknowledged. If we’re considering the Bible, si God daw ang salitang nagkatawang tao. Ang lahat ng ‘yan ay naisakatuparan dahil sa kapangyarihan ng pag-ibig. Kung ang salitang nagkatawang-tao ay unattended, what else could have happened in this planet?

A FORCE – hindi kasi nade-deform. It should materialize into something else (like a smile, a productive work, a friendly attitude, an orgasmic look, etc.). The best way to see it transform into something else is to consume it. Look around. Ang mga taong nasa paligid mo, lahat ‘yan ay bunga ng pag-ibig at repercussions nito. Either, may mapait or matamis na karanasan sa pag-ibig o anumang bagay na may kinalaman sa pag-ibig. Ganun kalupit ang love.


vistan said...

mahal mo na manny? bwehehehe

nawawalangbata said...

teka, does this mean wala nang inuman?

Manuel Pangaruy, Jr. said...

ehem, umiinom lang ba kapag walang gf? hehehe.

may favorite hirit for the week: why does wine sound like whine? hahaha.

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