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Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Loko Lenses

With utmost respect to Lomo cameras matched with meager budget, I purchased a set of Illusion Lenses at Compex in Robinsons Place Manila. It’s a 5-piece collection of small plastic lenses that you can buy individually for P200 each. There’s a fish eye/wide angle lens, then 3-image and 6-image mirage effect plus vignette and starbust (which is a favorite as of the moment). Aside from Compex, you can also buy it from Hobbes and Landes stores but it’s in the Robinsons Place branch in Ermita that I found a complete set. They are either out of stock or a piece is missing (normally, it’s the fish eye/wide angle).

For more details and a few product reviews, just visit

Of course, Lomo is Lomo and nothing beats the original (as if I have one). Plus I don't see those plastic lenses to stand time (I'm counting one year maximum). Just like Ikea, some good things never last (right, Mr. Chong? hahaha). Someday, in a not so far future, I’ll bring home a Holga or two. But for the meantime, below are some joyful, joyful Loko moments.

Fish Eye/Wide Angle:


3-Image Mirage:


6-Image Mirage:

More pictures here.


vistan said...

asteeg. san mo kinabit and pano? bili na ng holga :P

Manuel Pangaruy, Jr. said...

meron s'yang parang sticky/jelly like na nakakabit sa plastic lens. kapag tinanggal mo 'yung cap, ididikit mo lang sa harapan n'ung camera mo. i think ito rin ang reason kung bakit hindi tatagal 'yung lens.

holga, tsaka na kapag napag-ipunan na ang DSLR. hehehe.

vistan said...

yun na... DSLR!

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