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Friday, September 05, 2008

Movie Digest # 047

Chakeres Franklin Cinema 6 ( Frankfort , Kentucky ), Cinema 3, July 26, 9:30pm

Remember the series, forget the sequel. As much as possible, avoid this film. One of the bad films for 2008. I don’t know why it was even made. The truth is indeed out there.

Friends who might appreciate it: X-Philes!

Cultural Center of the Philippines , Tanghalang Manuel Conde, August 9, 7:00pm

This is the first Filipino film I have seen after the US assignment. And what a treat! It stars my favorite stage actress, Irma Adlawan-Marasigan, in a tale about the lives of theater artists and the boundary they set between what’s real and what’s for a show. Another plus point is that the film is an adaptation of a stage play (shown at Virgin Labfest 2, if I’m not mistaken), which is very much different from its film equivalent. The celluloid version has a twisted take on the lives of two stage artists who lead the cast of a stage play called “Hubad”. They even put real life husband of Irma (Dennis Marasigan) and wife of Nonie Buencamino (Shamaine Centenera) as the character’s better half. For somebody who loves Philippine theater so much, the concept of making it real works. It posted the question: “What if the actors crossed the border?”. All in all, the film is finely crafted. The only drawback for me is Irma’s character. I found it flawed. I don’t understand her being naïve the first time the director mentioned the word “crotch”. If the film is trying to portray the real Irma, then that’s a problem for the Irma I know has been to different stage plays, of different forms and sizes, has her boobs mashed by a fellow actor, has been exposed to thousand nudity and so on.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who haven’t seen the stage version.

Power Plant, Cinema 1, August 10, 7:50pm

Slapstick, period. There’s nothing much to expect with this film (aside of course from minding if Pidol and Bosing Vic click on screen). There’s only one scene that made me laugh. It’s the presence of Fritz Ynfante who is supposedly a sosy chef named Packo (a spoof of Wolfgang Puck?). He came to a scene where he is supposed to supervise Bosing Vic and company. Then Jose came uttering “Chief!”. Fritz responded with “Chef, hindi chief. Hindi ako pulis ‘no!”. Jose: “Eh bakit may tsapa kayo?”. Fritz: “Tanga, brooge ‘yan!”.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who have extra bonus money to watch films.

Trinoma, Cinema 2, August 11, 3:00pm

The film is rude and brutal and insensitive. But that’s the selling point of the film. The thing is, it doesn’t explain how and why or even apologize. It just brings you to a world that it tries to create (many films are trying to achieve this but to no avail). And that makes the film watchable. To top it all, the film is not that senseless. There’s wisdom somewhere when the lead character’s ultra masculinist personification tries hairdressing for a change to achieve a peace within.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who wish to see a different Adam Sandler.

Trinoma, Cinema 7, August 11, 5:20pm

I can say that it’s one of the better films I have seen from Hollywood this year and perhaps one of the best animated films for all time. First, the message. It could disguise as propaganda to help save the planet but it’s more than that. It’s effective but not preachy. The film could be comparable to “An Inconvenient Truth” when it comes to significance (especially if the target crowd is the kids). Secondly, most of the scenes do not have any speaking lines from the cute characters. This is animation at its finest. Thirdly, it’s a guilty pleasure. The visuals are both brilliant and fresh, something that could appeal to adults like me. If this is the look of future Disney movies, it must be something to look forward to.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who love both the films and the planet.

Trinoma, Cinema 5, August 11, 7:45pm

It’s a rom-com, period. And it’s from Star Cinema. I couldn’t agree more that there’s nothing special with the film except, of course, for the audience’s reaction on the kilig scenes. Maybe because it has John Lloyd Cruz who took the role seriously and his take on the snobbish and tortured character works. Sarah’s character is generic and can be given to other stars like Maja Salvador or even Bea Alonzo. The direction is not worthy of applause but it’s not bad.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who haven’t seen a Star Cinema film for a year.

Glorietta 1, Cinema 1, August 20, 8:40pm

I appreciate the film not because it's megged by the great Mario J. Delos Reyes (who started to be "born again" after doing "Magnifico") but because Jun Lana's story and script is good. It's one of those projects that the story/script alone salvages the whole film. The film tackles extra marital affairs and how two victims, who happen to be best of friends, react to it. Talking about impact analysis (hehehe). Acting-wise, there's nothing more to expect from the girls (Maui Taylor and Precious Adona) but I am not sure if most of the moviegoers on the same cinema care for that. Yul Servo, one of Philippine showbiz' natural actors, can't pull off his sosy character but it's good to see him once in a while. Baron Geisler is Baron Geisler.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who believe that Baron Geisler is one damn good actor.

Greenbelt 3, Cinema 2, August 28, 8:40pm

For the first time from Star Cinema, a total disappointment. Don't blame it yet to Richard "Can't Act" Gutierrez but the fault, I believe, originates from the editing. Was it rushed? That's my observation, considering that its director, Bb. Joyce Bernal started as an editor. Some of the scenes don't just connect if not simply dumb. And Richard's acting doesn't help. Maybe he needs to experience more problems in life so that he can pull a string when it comes to exhibiting some dramatic chops (where is Jericho Rosales where you need him?). "For the First Time" is KC's movie. She's got the talent and I must agree that at her age, she's far better than her mom. One of the highlights is a scene where she begs for Richard not to leave. That's acting! If the film is supposed to be an eclipse of two stars from rival networks, then it's pretty obvious who has the eye for talents.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who wish to see Richard Gutierrez falter for the nth time.

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