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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Biyernes, Sabado, Linggo

SCENE 1: Friday night. Went to Market! Market! to meet my celebrity friends/band. Hahaha. Da who! It’s been two years since I first met them in a mall (Glorietta). This time it is all about friendship. I had a nice heart-to-heart conversation with one of the band members while the rest were having a facial treatment at Mendez.

SCENE 2: Back to work from 8pm to midnight. Code review, code review, code review… code zzzzzz.

SCENE 3: Saturday morning. I was reading PDI while my roommate (expect a blog entry entitled “The Ultimate Roommate Checklist”) was playing Sudoku for the first time. He gave up. He said it has a Level 4 difficulty. Forgiven and understood.

SCENE 4: Double-deck shopping in Paco, Manila. We took a jeepney ride from JP Rizal to Pedro Gil. We just asked manong driver to kick us at Paco’s Furnitureland (there’s no such mall named after that, I just coined the word for that portion in Pedro Gil where you can buy furniture for a low, low price). We bought the bed, black-colored, (“top floor” is 36-inch wide while “ground floor” is 48) for P4500 at TS Trading (no relations to the author of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”). That’s a good deal inclusive of delivery and an ordinary cushion (I had no choice between a floral overload and Winnie, the Pooh in bloody red pattern). It should be P5k flat if we needed a pair of cushion and P1k more if we got Uratex (the options are ordinary or Uratex – there’s a monopoly over there!).

SCENE 5: A sweet and short visit at Mizuno shop in Magallanes. The weekend malling was cut off really short (last stop supposedly was bootleg shopping at Makati Cinema Square) because we got a text message that the double-deck was ready for delivery.

SCENE 6: Misery.

SCENE 7: Robinson’s Galleria to meet my officemates to watch a local stage adaptation of Disney’s “High School Musical”. I had a blast. The kids were cool and brimming with talent. They’re like boiling water.

SCENE 8: SMB Strong Ice stop at Petron Treats in Reposo corner JP Rizal. Sadness madness.

SCENE 9: Sunday morning, room alone. Got up early to clean the room. I moved the mini-shelf containing the books, CD’s and magazines to a more OC-friendly corner. I love my room.

SCENE 10: Mass.

SCENE 11: Off to Shang Cineplex for this year’s Eiga Sai. Saw a really nice film called “Kamikaze Girls”. Perfect 10! Solb-solb.

SCENE 12: There was a gentle commotion (naks!) in front of the ticket booth. There was a respectable-looking lady complaining to the cinema manager. This was all about Shang’s ticket distribution. As you see, the Eiga Sai tickets are for free but you have to queue two hours before the screening to get it. That’s fine but there’s a slight problem. The screenings were at 2pm, 5pm and 8pm. If you’re eager to watch two consecutive films, you have to leave the cinema in the middle of your first film to line up for the second film’s ticket. My favorite line for that day came from the lady. She said in a very passionate manner, “Kung buhay pa si Lino Brocka, malamang binato na kayo!”.

SCENE 13: I missed to get a ticket for Eiga Sai’s “Hotel Hibiscus” at 5pm. I watched “Angels” instead in Glorietta.

SCENE 14: Misery, the sequel.

SCENE 15: Right before midnight, my landlady, Nadine, her son, Khyke, and I went to a nearby 24-hour internet shop. Khyke had to do a research on diptonggo and klaster.


zherwin said...

ano nga ang diptonggo? hehehe. classic!

Manuel Pangaruy, Jr. said...

ito 'yung mga salitang merong "y" at "w". tama actually 'yung una kong hula sa sagot. hahaha. mahalaga yata 'yan para malaman kung kelan gagamitin ang "din/daw" at "rin/raw". parang ganun. hehehe.

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