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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Movie Digest # 015

Greenbelt 3, Cinema 2, June 14, 7:55pm

Close to a B movie. The script is not fantastic, the filmmaking is too old school and the CGI is not consistent (the dance sequence with Mr. Fantastic has a poor CGI while the one when Galactus is leaving the planet is awesome). If this one’s shown in the early 90’s, then that’s a different story.

Friends who might appreciate it: only those who enjoyed the first one.

SM Megamall, Cinema 7, June 17, 11:30am

First two-thumbs-up Pinoy film for 2007. Definitely a must-watch. This film should be given an A rating from Cinema Evaluation Board. I’m not a fan of Binoe (and after watching the film, I remain a non-fan) but this is an acting milestone for the Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema. Kailangan lang i-tone down ‘yung mga eksena n’ya na medyo pathetic dapat s’ya but he’s almost there. And the cinematography! Wala akong masabi. If I’m not mistaken, the film’s cinematographer is a “suki” of some Rivermaya music videos as director. “Naamoy” ko rin ang dumi ng mga apartments dahil sa mahusay na production design. Ato Bautista is definitely a filmmaker to watch out for. Hindi ako na-alienate sa pagkakadirek n’ya: not too artsy or too personal. I would also like to acknowledge Elmo Redrico’s “presence” (no pun intended) in the film. He played one of Binoe’s tenants. Sumalangit nawa ang kaluluwa n’ya. He died months ago and “Blackout” is his last film. Isa s’yang tunay na artist na ayon sa mga kuwento ay tumatanggap ng styling gel bilang talent fee. What “Blackout” did to Elmo is to occasionally remind us that an artist is as good as his last performance.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who are losing faith in Philippine cinema.

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