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Monday, July 17, 2006

Mahalaga ang Care

I just had two servings of Grey’s Anatomy reruns. The first was a season finale and the other, Season Two opener. I coped without watching Season One’s episodes seven and eight but I’m still at it. I’m hooked.

When it was first primetimed in a Dutch channel (with “English” shows) every Tuesday (back-to-back with another ABC show, “Desperate Housewives”), Leah called that weekday “TV Day”. Before, I just watched DH and turned off the tele for GA. I sometimes find my self lost with the characters and the twists. Maybe because I missed to watch the pilot episode. It happened to me before while watching OC. All the while, I did not know that one of the main characters is adopted.

Now, the Dutch channel is airing two GA reruns every Sunday. I have the reason now to appreciate the show. I am not really a medical show fan. It must be my being hematophobic or just too much movies, perhaps. I skipped “ER” and “Chicago Hope” during the 90’s. I suppose that those shows cater more on documenting the patient’s melodramatic lives and the doctors are just playing cool. GA is not about that. It’s about friendship. And their brand of “friendship” is about care.

Lately I’m having a convincing theory that the core of friendship is care. Mahalaga ang care. Without it, you can’t call friendship a friendship. When was the last time you asked a friend with “o, kumusta na?”? When was the last time you asked it without having the guilt of just asking it and not meaning it?

GA’s central character is Meredith Grey, a practicing surgeon. The other leads are her four friends (and colleagues) namely Cristina (I love Sandra Oh!), George, the character played by Catherine Heigl and the assholic guy named Alex. The show is about their messy lives and how they try to untangle it with a little help of friendship. The fact that the show suggests that friendship exists in the workplace is a reason enough to get addicted with GA. Sometimes it’s elusive. Sometimes you’re reminded that this planet is as cutthroat and dog-eat-dog as Philippine politics. GA is a relief. Life is sweet. As Coldplay best puts it “we live in a beautiful world”. Yes, we do. Yes, we do.


Anonymous said...

yey! another believer! now you can join the club of illegaly downloaded GA watchers.. hahaha...
hay love ko rin sila lahat! although i swore to myself that i wouldnt be merideth pag ako na inlove, maybe a little like christina (sandra oh) hard to commit kahit alam mo na yun na gusto niya talaga, clueless george, and a mix between izzie and alex! you have to an ass once inawhile and yet you have to feel how what others are feeling cause you care...=)
I care for people worth caring for ;)

Topeng said...

pano na si dougy houser, md?

Anonymous said...

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