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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Movie Digest # 049

Greenbelt 3, Cinema 2, October 12, 8:40pm

Russel Crowe and Leonardo Di Caprio, two of Hollywood’s better actors in one action film directed by Ridley Scott. That’s probably the film’s main come-on. On top of that is the technical part: crisp sound editing and heart-pumping camera work. Sad to say, there’s nothing to root when looking for a storyline. If only the script focuses more on the relationship between the two male chracters, that would be a treat.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who are craving for a truthful film on terrorism.

Glorietta 4, Cinema 3, October 13, 7:30pm

No sarcasm whatsoever but I like the film. Maybe because it was pretty dragging for me for an action film. The dragging half helps the other half to pump my adrenaline. It's very predictable, yes, but the slow-mo and the visual are awesome. It has a "Sin City" feel but not close. I love the part where Max Payne turns into a hero, just like Hulk turning green. It's very campy and i simply love it. Plus of course, it's one of the rare films who subversively (or unintentionally) promotes drugs.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who haven’t played the video game.

Glorietta 4, Cinema 2, October 28, 7:50pm

Before watching the film, I had a hint that it would remind me of commando comedy films that Redford White and the like had done. But it’s different. It’s supposed to be a satire to some themes like documentary filmmaking, Hollywood’s fat producers and overrated actors. Boasting of an A-list namely Ben Stiller (as actor/director), Robert Downey Jr. (in a mindblowing Russel Crowe-like character), Jack Black and Tom Cruise (in an unintentionally too serious take of a cameo role as a producer), the film is an enjoyable ride.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who haven’t seen an honest-to-goodness comedy for a while.

Greenbelt 3, Cinema 2, November 5, 10:00pm

James Bond is evolving, that’s my impression after watching the film. Thanks to the new era of “Bourne Identity” and “Transporter”. This second Daniel Craig starrer is more of a prolonged introduction of who James Bond is and what makes him as he is. No Q, no gadgets scene, just Daniel Craig’s superb rendition of the dashing British spy. More “pogi” points for the film: a fitting finale with fire (“Casino Royale” has water) and the use of Tosca as a devise to denote murder and running away.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who prefer martini, stirred.

Glorietta 4, Cinema 1, November 6, 8:20pm

I haven’t seen an animated film for a long time and I can say that “Madagascar 2” did not disappoint me. It’s witty and decent for an eye-candy film. The only unappealing for me is the “Lion King”-ish subplot.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who like to move it, move it.

Glorietta 1, Cinema 4, November 8, 2:30pm

I like the film and I wouldn't mind recommending it to friends. It's very rare to see a Pinoy black comedy and "My Only U" is definitely a guilty pleasure. If this is an attempt for Star Cinema to show something new (for a mainstream film, that is), then the film is a success. Comparing this film to Bb. Joyce Bernal's "For the First Time" (or even Cathy Garcia-Molina's "A Very Special Love" or the Toni-Sam film ages ago), I would always prefer “My Only U". Toni's take of a Koreanovela female character is awesome. Scenes with her shedding of tears are necessary but not overwhelming. Vhong Navarro, on the other hand, is effective on his underacting. I can say that "My Only U" is the funniest mainstream film I've seen so far for this year.

Friends who might appreciate it: those who wish to see Ronnie Magsanoc in a cameo (and a funny outtake).

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