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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OTOP Philippines: One Town, One Product

If you have time, try to visit the open-air food court at Market! Market! There's a couple of sari-sari store-looking stalls there selling native stuff. it's just beside Trellis and Seafood Market. The concept is like each stall has a region or province to represent, selling their distinct foods and wares. For instance, you can buy strawberry jam from "Baguio" while you can shop toy guitars at "Cebu".

The next time you go to Bacolod and happen to forget to buy a pasalubong for your girlfriend's mom, OTOP is as convenient as 7-11. Just be warned though that the jingle is really intoxicating.

OTOP Philippines: One Town, One Product. OTOP Philippines....

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